The Team

What We Do

Road to Refuge is committed to removing animals from toxic and/or desperate situations as well as saving animals from slaughter. We will place them at Road to Refuge, quarantine if required, tend to all medical needs, including mental and physical rehabilitation/socialization. When the animal is determined healthy and stable, we will place them with approved adopters / long term facility or they will remain at Road To Refuge.

Megan Pereira - Co Founder

Megan is a mixed animal Vet Tech with a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science. Megan's passion for animals began at a young age with horses. She adopted her first rescue dog, Sadie, in college. Megan is co-owner of horse boarding business, Padlock Farm LLC. She coordinates all potential rescues and tends to the medical needs of all the animals as well as running day to day activities at Road to Refuge.

Joe Pereira - Co Founder

Joe has worked on farms his whole life. His energy and compassion keep Road to Refuge running smoothly. Joe maintains the farms upkeep and logistics. He also runs the transport operations. Joe is also co-owner of horse boarding business, Padlock Farm LLC.

Bobbi Donzello - Volunteer Coordinator

Bobbi works in the medical field full time as well as volunteering at Road to Refuge on a weekly basis. Her love of animals comes from her Mom Sheryl, who was raised on a farm. Bobbi also grew up with many farm animals and has been riding horses since she was a toddler. She owned her first horse in her teens and rescued her dog Ruger 4 years ago. Bobbi has also volunteered her time to transport many of the recent rescues here at Road to Refuge.